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Course Descriptions


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Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of DSPS courses, although a course may not be offered for a particular trimester. Please see the online schedule for the most up-to-date course offerings.

DSPS Course Descriptions

Basic Cooking

The basic course will cover such topics such as kitchen safety, planning meals, shopping for food, preparing and storing foods, nutrition, appropriate manners and kitchen organization.

Banking for Apartment Living

Students will learn how to budget their money, pay bills, make purchases, grocery shop, rent an apartment, and interview roommates. The class simulates living in an apartment and the responsibilities of being independent.

Bill Paying and Banking

This is an introductory class that teaches banking vocabulary and step-by-step instructions on how to open and manage a checking account.

Follow up:

Communication Skills

The course will cover the different forms of effective communication including body language, gestures, and non-verbal cues. Students will actively role play real-life situations, discuss current events, and practice listening skills.

Communication on the Job

Students will learn how to improve their communication skills in relationship to employment. Course will include activities to enhance written and verbal skills.

Community Resources

Students will take public transportation or walk to explore recreational and business resources in our community. Taking the bus, reading maps, paying for purchases and ordering from a menu will also be covered. Alternate trimesters: Basic Cooking in Summer and Winter. Students will gain hands-on experience planning, shopping, and preparing a meal every week. A lab fee of $3 per week will be collected.

Computer-Assisted Instructional Lab

Instruction in computer operation, adaptive computer techniques, word processing, keyboarding, the Internet, Print Shop, and data entry in an individualized, self-paced laboratory.
Students will use PhotoShop to create projects, enhance pictures, and use special effect techniques on pictures that students have taken.

Computer-Assisted Instructional Lab: Functional Academics

Students will use computer software programs to enhance their basic reading, writing, and math skills.

Consumer Skills

This class will teach students to learn the skills necessary for performing accurate money exchanges. Students will learn coin identification, values of coins, and basic coin counting.

Independent Living Skills

Students will learn about different independent living options, such as group homes and supported living. Other topics will include how to set up and maintain a home/apartment on their own.

Job Skills

Students will learn to explore vocational interests, job seeking resources, the application process, interviews, on-the-job behavior, communication/customer service, safety on the job, work attitudes, and self-advocacy.

Job Skills Field Work

Students participate in weekly field trips pertaining to job skills at various locations using public transportation. These destinations include supported work organizations, sheltered work settings, retail stores, city and county agencies, manufacturing facilities, etc. Students are required to observe the work environment and complete assignments pertaining to the Job Skills curriculum.

Nutrition and Exercise

This class is designed to teach the benefits of healthy eating and proper exercise. Various activities, both indoors and outdoors, will be covered.

Relationships and Sexuality

Learn about human growth and development, sexual behavior and feelings, reproductive health and relationships in order to build healthy, safe sexual attitudes, behaviors, and relationships consistent with personal values.

Self Advocacy

Students will learn to advocate for themselves in everyday life situations. Topics include how to work with people at home, work, school and in relationships and how to speak for themselves to get needs met.

Social Skills

Students will learn conflict resolution, how to make friends, and social behavior (manners and values) for situations at both work and home.