Welcome to the School of Continuing Education 2012 Winter Term

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Welcome to the School of Continuing Education 2012 Winter Term

By Provost Christine Terry

Christine Terry

Welcome to the 2012 Winter Term of the North Orange County Community College District’s School of Continuing Education (SCE). I hope that many of you have taken advantage of the new Lifeskills Education Advancement Program (LEAP) that was introduced in the fall. The program continues to expand in response to community needs and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on new potential courses.  For more information on our LEAP Program, contact 714-808-4909.


The Career Technical Education (CTE) offerings are expanding as well with the addition of the Personal Care Aide certification course Like many of the other CTE programs, the PCA course provides an intensive short-term pathway to employment, in this case taking only four weeks.  For more information about the PCA course, contact the CTE Office at 714-808-4673.


It is no longer unusual for adults to have two or more careers during their lifetimes. Longer and healthier life spans, re-careering after retirement, changing workforce needs, and a volatile economy all contribute to the demand for short-term job training in areas of job growth. We hope that you will consider SCE as a valuable resource for workforce training and upgrading your skills.  I look forward to seeing you at SCE.